Objectives and Expected Outcomes


AKADEMIYA2063, in partnership with the African Union Commission (AUC), is convening a virtual 2020 ReSAKSS Annual Conference to promote review and dialogue on the role of public policies in ensuring sustainable and resilient agrifood systems and their transformation in Africa. The conference will take place virtually on 3–5 November 2020 under the theme of “Sustaining Africa’s Agrifood System Transformation: The Role of Public Policies.”

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More specifically, the conference will allow participants to:

  1. Discuss the research evidence and recommendations presented in the 2020 ATOR on the role of policies in sustaining Africa’s agrifood system transformation;
  2. Review lessons and necessary actions in transforming Africa’s agrifood systems to be more sustainable and resilient;
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Expected outcomes

Expected outcomes of the conference are:

  1. Shared understanding of:
    1. Required policies and actions for sustaining and accelerating Africa’s agrifood system transformation and ensuring sustainable and resilient agrifood systems.
    2. Required commitments and actions for successfully rebuilding Africa’s agrifood systems following the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Conference Agenda

7:00–9:05 (US EST)
12:00–14:05 (GMT)
15:00–17:05 (EAT)

Plenary Session I—Sustaining Africa’s Agrifood System Transformation: The Role of Public Policies

9:05–9:10 (US EST)
14:05–14:10 (GMT)
17:05–17:10 (EAT)


9:10–10:10 (US EST)
14:10–15:10 (GMT)
17:10–18:10 (EAT)

Plenary Session II—Enabling Environment for Transforming Agrifood Systems

7:00–8:50 US (EST)
12:00–13:50 (GMT)
15:00–16:50 (EAT)

Plenary Session III–Policies for Competitive and Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems

8:50–9:45 (US EST)
13:50–14:45 (GMT)
16:50–17:45 (EAT)


9:50–10:55 (US EST)
14:50–15:55 (GMT)
17:50–18:55 (EAT)

Plenary Session IV– Policies for Inclusive Development of Modern Food Value Chains

11:00–12:00 (US EST)
16:00–17:00 (GMT)
19:00–20:00 (EAT)

Parallel Symposia

Symposium 1– The 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit: Relevance for Africa and African Perspectives
Symposium 2– Lessons and Actions for Effectively Rebuilding Africa’s Agrifood Systems Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

7:00–8:50 (US EST)
12:00–13:50 (GMT)
15:00–16:50 (EAT)

Plenary Session V– Enabling Environment for Transforming Agrifood Systems

8:50–8:55 (US EST)
13:50–13:55 (GMT)
16:50–16:55 (EAT)


9:00–9:50 (US EST)
14:00–14:50 (GMT)
17:00–17:50 (EAT)

Plenary Session VI– Progress Toward Achieving CAADP Goals

9:50–10:15 (US EST)
14:50–15:15 (GMT)
17:50–18:15 (EAT)

Plenary Session VII– Closing Session of the 2020 ReSAKSS Conference

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