2020 ReSAKSS Annual Conference Presentations

Plenary Sessions I & II

Overview of the 2020 Annual Trends and Outlook Report (ATOR) by Danielle Resnick, IFPRI

The Past, Present, and Future of Agriculture Policy in Africa by Ousmane Badiane, AKADEMIYA2063

Mutual Accountability in African Agricultural Transformation by John Ulimwengu,  Africa Region, IFPRI

Aligning Macroeconomic Policies for Agricultural Transformation in Africa” by Abebe Shimeles, AERC


Plenary Sessions III & IV

Policies for Competitive and Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems: A Case Study of Ghana’s Recent Mechanization Interventions by Hiro Takeshima, IFPRI

Irrigation to Transform​ Agriculture and Food Systems​ in Africa South of the Sahara​ by Claudia Ringler, IFPRI

Fertilizer policies and Implications for African Agriculture: A Review by Gashaw T. Abate​, IFPRI

Presentation on Seed policies and regulatory reforms​ by David J Spielman, IFPRI

Policy Responses to Rapidly Transforming Midstream Value Chain Segments in Africa:​ The Case of Millet Sector in Senegal by Getaw Tadesse, AKADEMIYA2063

Institutions of Collective Action​ and Smallholder Performance:​ Evidence from Senegal by Fleur Wouterse, Global Center on Adaptation

Why Food Safety Matters to Africa: ​Making the Case for Policy Action by Steven Jaffee, University of Maryland

Symposium I

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